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Quality Assurance Consultant Services in Cleveland Ohio

Why do you need an analysis of your current software practices?

The main reason is….

$$ The High Cost of Software Bugs $$

 (sometimes called issues) are defined here as functions within software that do not work according to specification or agreed upon requirements.

A Bug can be as simple as a field accepting bad data such as a date field that allows for February 30 to be entered as a valid date. This may be an annoyance in reporting out data to breaking systems that integrate.

A Bug can be as complex as causing an entire workflow to collapse because of steps in the workflow not being created properly.

Whether simple or complex bugs cost money. The cost can be the time spent using a work around or correcting bad data at a later date. If your application is client facing you may lose customers or at least good ill if the customer is annoyed or frustrated and walks away from your firm.

Bugs can be caught at various points in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). In an integrated environment, the Quality Assurance Analyst would be involved at the earliest point in the SDLC and should be able to spot these bugs and get them addressed.

1. $ Requirements/Architecture Phase

• Involving QA in the requirements meeting will allow the team to address potential issues before even the first line of code is written.

2. $$ Coding

• Development and QA working side by side or at least in a cooperative manner will help spot misunderstanding of requirements and allow correction of the functionality before intense QA testing starts.

3. $$$ Functional Testing

•  The software has been turned over to QA. QA executes their test cases manual and/or automated.

4. $$$$ Post Elevate /Production

• The customer whether internal or external begins using the delivered software for its intended purpose. Issues found at this point can create costly downtime, ill will and frustration.


$ – 50-100 dollar range
$$ –
100- 5,000 dollar range
$$$ –
5,000- 15,000 dollar range
$$$$ –
15,000- 100,000 dollar range

Quality Assurance Services

ErieView Consulting, LLC. offers two (2) main options for your quality assurance needs. 

Option 1: Pre-packaged Plan

ErieView Consulting LLC has designed a Pre-packaged Plan complete with our most valuable QA consultant services.


✓ Provide analysis of existing QA departments, and highlight areas of improvement as well as indicate areas of existing excellence.

✓ We would work directly with your staff

✓ We would provide a written analysis and action plan

✓ Create a Quality Assurance department from scratch which can include
→→Manual only
→→Automation only
→→ Combination of both disciplines

✓ Create processes for both Agile and Waterfall Quality Assurance methodologies.

✓ Create an Automation plan

✓ Outline tools

Assess current staff and make recommendations for utilizing the tools

Help create Centers of Excellence (COE)

✓ Help create a framework for on-boarding of QA resources providing consistency across your department.

✓ Help your team understand best practices as well as the need for SDLC implementation.

Option 2: Choose from a list of A la Carte Services

We provide a variety of valuable Quality Assurance services. Choose from our list of A la Carte services what is best suitable for you and your needs!


→ Staff Augmentation

✓ Short or Long Term Projects
✓ Junior to Senior Level Quality Assurance Resources
✓ Senior Level Quality Assurance Automation Engineers
✓ Mid-Level IT Business Analysts


→ Training Consulting

The following services are provided in partnership with LJK Consulting:

✓ E-Learning Strategy
✓ Curriculum Design/Development
✓ On-line Content
✓ Documentation
✓ Usability Consulting


→ A la Carte

✓ Initial Meeting (1 hour)  – No Charge

✓ On site fact gathering concluding with a written analysis of the current state of the QA department (5 hours)

✓ Recommendations for improvement and discussion of same (4 hours)

✓ 6 month post implementation analysis  (1 hour)

✓ Vet prospective QA resources (supplied by client) 90 minutes per resource

✓ Supply vetted QA candidates for the client including documentation of skills inventory and test results (Charge per resource supplied)

Considering QA Consultation Services? 

As a member of IT Quality Assurance Management, ask yourself :


Is your team suffering from low morale?

Are you having trouble building a cohesive team?

Are you and your team working harder, but not smarter?

Are you struggling with trying to create efficient processes?

Are you experiencing a higher than average amount of production bugs?

Are you plagued by missed project deadlines; and as a result the work of your team is hurried and lacks quality ?

Is the QA/Quality Assurance department perceived as a bottleneck?


As a member of leadership, you may have noticed one or more, or perhaps ALL of these issues.. Contact ErieView today.

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Giving Back to the Community

ErieView Consulting, LLC. believes in community so giving back is very important. These are just a few of the organizations that we are proud to support.

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